January Newsletter

This newsletter includes:

  • Tackling Cold Weather and Supporting Vulnerable Groups through the UK Winter
  • An Update On Our Ban Box Shifting Campaign
  • How to get YOUR team ready for 2024
  • Charity Pain Points Survey


March Newsletter

This newsletter includes:

  • The Importance of Local Government in Supporting High Streets
  • 5 Reasons Why Shopping on High Streets Is Good for Local Communities
  • ASTOP Wins Property and Construction Business of the Year

April Newsletter

This newsletter includes:

  • The Role of CSR in Supporting UK Charities
  • Food Waste in the UK: A Problem We Can’t Ignore

May Newsletter

This newsletter includes:

  • The Importance of Social Support in Mental Health: How Temporary Use Aid is Making a Difference
  • The Realities of Charity Work: Debunking Myths and Stereotypes
  • ASTOP Partnering with Fleet Street Quarter BID
  • Temporary Use Aid Trustee has been Nominated for an Award

June Newsletter

This newsletter includes:

  • The Benefits of Volunteering for People of All Ages
  • Queensmere Observatory and Slough BID Join Forces to Empower Education: Supporting Global Educational Trust Through a ‘Life-Sized’ Giving Box
  • An Update on Ban Box Shifting

July Newsletter

This newsletter includes:

  • Celebrating South Asian Heritage: Supporting Charities and Nurturing Community Spirit
  • Better Lives Foundation: Saving Lives through People, Property, and Passion
  • ASTOP partners with Property X-Change for Business Rates Piece

August Newsletter

This newsletter includes:

  • When is the Right Point for a Charity to Install a Card Machine? – Insights from an Industry Expert
  • The Power of Mentorship: Supporting and Guiding Youth on Their Journey
  • update on Ban Box Shifting – Councillor engagement and Government Consultation
  • Dead Spaces Round Table with Sian Berry AM, featuring Shaylesh Patel

September Newsletter

This newsletter includes:

  • Update on Ban Box Shifting
  • The Role of Charities in the Fight against Cancer
  • A Simple Guide To Google Ad Grants For Charities

October Newsletter

This newsletter covers: 

  • Launch of Ban Box Shifting Campaign
  • Navigating the Maze: Considerations in Charity Logistics
  • Shining a Light on National Blindness Awareness Month: The Vital Role of Charities
  • No-Cost Event Space Opportunity in Central London

November Newsletter

This newsletter includes:

  • Ban Box Shifting Campaign September Update
  • Fundamentals of Planning a Successful Charity or Fundraising Event
  • Raising Awareness and Empowering Lives: World Diabetes Day
  • £8000 monthly Ad Grant offered by Google

December Newsletter

This newsletter includes:

  • Reviving our Communities Event Invite
  • Navigating the Season of Giving: Practical Tips for Effective Fundraising
  • An Update On Our Ban Box Shifting Campaign
  • 10 Tips for the work/charity Christmas party