Empowering Communities Through Literacy: Global Educational Trust’s Mission

In a world where access to education and resources is not always equitable, initiatives like the Global Educational Trust (GET) stand as beacons of hope, striving to make reading accessible to all. As we celebrated World Book Day on March 7th, it’s a perfect opportunity to shine a spotlight on GET and their incredible efforts to promote literacy and education all over the UK.

GET’s mission is simple yet profound: to make reading free and available to all. Their innovative approach involves partnering with Temporary Use Aid, landlords and local councils, to repurpose vacant commercial spaces into vibrant community hubs known as “GET Free Books.” These spaces are not just places to pick up a book; they’re centres of learning, exploration, and connection.

Expanding Horizons, One Community at a Time

In Skelmersdale, West Lancashire, GET is in the process of setting up a “books for free” unit in a local shopping centre. By repurposing this space, they’re not only providing access to books but also revitalising the community and fostering a culture of learning. From Liverpool to Barnet and Lowestoft, GET’s footprint is expanding, with each new unit representing a step forward in the fight against illiteracy and a testament to the dedication of GET’s volunteers and supporters.

More Than Just Books: A Holistic Approach to Literacy

What sets GET apart is their holistic approach to literacy. It’s not just about providing books; it’s

about empowering individuals to become lifelong learners. Through initiatives to collect pre-loved books, and partnerships with organisations like Temporary-Use Aid and ASTOP, GET ensures that their impact extends deep into the communities they serve. 

The Reality of Illiteracy: A Call to Action

The statistics speak volumes: in the UK alone, millions of adults struggle with literacy, and millions of children lack access to books. GET recognises that literacy is not just a personal issue but a societal one. By promoting literacy, they’re not just changing individual lives; they’re shaping the future of entire communities.

Join the Movement: How You Can Make a Difference

At GET, they believe that education and literacy are fundamental rights, not privileges. 

So, how can you get involved? Whether it’s donating books at your nearest Free Bookshop, volunteering your time, or supporting financially via their website or donation boxes in each store, every contribution makes a difference. 

Get Involved Today

To learn more about GET and how you can support their mission, visit their website at Global Educational Trust and take the first step toward building a world where reading is truly free and accessible to all. Join the movement and help empower communities through literacy. Together, we can make a difference, one book at a time.

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