leverage your network

Unlock the Potential of Your Network

By leveraging your existing relationships, you can play a crucial role in transforming empty spaces into vibrant centres of community activity and support.

On this page, you’ll find information on how to connect us with key players in the commercial property sector, local government, and Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). By working together, we can create win-win scenarios that benefit property owners, charities, and the wider community.

Your introductions can make a real difference—let’s unlock the potential of vacant spaces together.


Contacts in Commercial Property

If you know or meet anyone in the commercial property industry that covers the following areas:

  • Commercial Landlords
  • Property Insurers
  • Property Accountants
  • Commercial Property Managers

Part of what we do involves working with ASTOP and the commercial property industry to revitalise empty properties.

By introducing us to anyone working in the areas above, we can discuss how to create a win-win scenario, unlocking free temporary space for charities like you, and saving them on some of their empty rates liabilities.

Local Government

Public Servants such as Local Councillors and MPs have a big role in the community they work in. If you have a relationship with anyone from local government in your area, we’d love to be introduced to them so we can build a relationship and work together to unlock vacant space in the community. 

Not sure how to make the introduction? Get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help.

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) or Estates departments

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are designated areas where local businesses collaborate to fund improvements and promote economic growth. They are pivotal in transforming commercial areas into vibrant, thriving communities. Estates departments at councils manage public property and play a crucial role in urban development and property management.

If you have any connections or can introduce us to individuals working within BIDs or estates departments, it would be incredibly beneficial. By engaging with these entities, we can explore opportunities to utilise vacant properties, turning them into valuable assets for community initiatives and charitable activities.

Community & Following

You may not know of anyone in the above three categories, but some of your supporters might. 

By spreading the word with your network via social media or other channels, you might be able to connect us with the right people who are able to help. 

We’ve created some template posts that can be used and shared if you are able to. 

If you have any ideas, we’d be happy to work with you to create a mutually beneficial social campaign.

Volunteer Centres

If you are connected to a volunteer centre or an organisation that supports local charities, we would greatly appreciate your assistance. Please put us in touch with them via an introduction where possible.

Get in touch if you’d like help approaching the introduction


You work in your communities, you have ears on the ground and you might see empty spaces while walking down the street and the spaces could be useful.

You might spot the landlord’s information or see a TO LET sign in the window.

Here’s what you can do:

Take a picture of the external entrance to the building. 

Look for the following information:

  • Commercial Estate Agent Company Name
  • Name and Contact Details of the Agent
  • Address of the property and description of the space

Submit Vacant Property Info