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Where Events Meet Charitable Giving

Are you searching for a venue in London to host your upcoming work function, corporate event, or team-building activity? Look no further! TUAID presents an exclusive opportunity for businesses and organisations like yours to make a difference while creating unforgettable memories with your team, FREE OF CHARGE!

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Access A Great Venue while meeting CSR Commitments 

We are offering FREE access to event space for charities, businesses and other organisations in London looking to host events. In return, we invite you to participate in a unique Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) opportunity by making a donation to TUAID.  By choosing our spaces, you’re not only investing in a fantastic event location but also contributing to a noble cause. Your donation goes directly to supporting our charitable work, amplifying your CSR efforts.

Meaningful Work Functions

Memorable Team-Building

Charity Fundraisers and Philanthropic Events

Professional Training Sessions

Holiday Celebrations and Seasonal Events

Networking Events and Business Mixers

The Perfect Place to Hold Your Events

The possibilities are limitless. Hold your perfect event while knowing that you are simultaneously making a positive contribution to your community.

Corporate events

Why Choose Us for Your Next Event?

Give Back to the Community: By hosting your event at our venue and making a donation to the charity managing the space, you’ll be actively contributing to meaningful causes within the local community.

Free Access to a Unique Venue: Enjoy exclusive access to our charming and centrally-located building without any venue rental fees. This rare opportunity allows you to allocate more resources to enhance your event experience.

Unique CSR Experience: Demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility and showcase your organisation’s values to clients, partners, and employees.

Transparent Donations: Rest assured that your donation will be handled responsibly and transparently by our partnered charity.

Elevate Team Morale: Unite your team through purpose-driven activities and give them the opportunity to make a lasting difference. Strengthen your team’s bonds while making a positive mark on society.

More About Us

  • We are a charity with a wealth of experience helping charities and other good causes find and make the best use of vacant rent-free retail, office and warehouse space safely.
  • Our UK-Wide Membership helps identify charity partners to share and benefit from rent-free space.
  • Our initiatives provide a wonderful way for charitable organisations to raise their profile and plan larger projects
  • TUAID’s Charity-Landlord partnerships offer excellent ethical rates reduction, CSR opportunities and more
  • Our successful collaborations, include the former M&S in Rochdale, Debenhams in Wandsworth, London and a cluster of charities in neighbouring units in Walton-On-Thames shopping centre

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