Volunteer at the Redcar shop since first week of opening in August 2016. Thoroughly enjoyed organising the shop from initial set up from being there for the first delivery of books from the Trust along with Gail one of the other initial volunteers. It was very exciting times sorting though the boxes of books delivered and was a bit like a child at Christmas not know what was in each of the boxes. 
I love volunteering at the shop, sorting and collating books, window displays etc and of course meeting the different customers from all walks of life. We have ‘regulars’ who I chat to each week. It’s lovely to think we are providing such a worthwhile service to so many people, and very rewarding watching the customers come across a great find for themselves. Watching their faces light up like a child in a sweetie shop reactions. 
Also working with a great team of volunteers which makes my days in the shop pleasurable and we all have a bit of a laugh and banter with our regular customers too 


Before I started working in the Tamworth GET book store I hadn’t worked for 22 years so my confidence and self-esteem were very low, but as every day goes by now going into work I’m seeing myself come out of my shell, my confidence is growing and I have a lot more self-esteem. I am surprising myself every day with learning new skills, I was made co-lead volunteer which absolutely blew me away, I never for one moment thought I’d have the confidence to be a ‘lead anything’, but here I am I’m doing it….
My family are so proud of me because a few months ago I didn’t even have the confidence to go outdoors, yet here I am working in a shop, meeting new people and making new friends every day. Being a volunteer at the store has really turned my life around and I cannot thank Global Educational Trust enough for giving me the opportunity to transform my life and make me into someone I’m happy and proud to be, so a big thank you from all my heart.
Kind regards
Beckie Hewitt

Free Books Shop Volunteer

GET Free Books in Bishop Auckland has done a lot for me over the months I’ve worked there. I am partially disabled and struggle to find paid employment so this has helped me get out of the house and meet new people which I love to do. It has given me a huge confidence boost and I have made a lot of new friends both in volunteers and customers. This shop is a true asset to the town.