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TUAid Membership

TUAid Membership is free and open to:

  • Charities, community group and good causes, whether registered with the Charity Commission / HMRC or not.

General Benefits of TUAid Membership

  • Considered for new spaces as they become available
  • Charities benefit from free TUAid support services
  • Receive regular TUAid communications
  • Invitation to TUAid events
  • The possibility of featuring in TUAid publications, the TUAid website and social media
  • The ability to use the TUAid Member logo on printed and electronic media

Charity membership of TUAid

Charity membership of TUAid is free and open to all charitable organisations, whether registered or not with the Charities Commission.

To be considered for free spaces for your charity all you need to do is please apply for your free TUAid membership.

Charity Benefits

  • Free space and the multitude of benefits this will bring
  • TUAid identifies available spaces that best fit the charity requirements
  • TUAid manages all the necessary paperwork for the utilisation of space
  • The opportunity to learn from more experienced charities and to be assigned a mentor
  • Access to a supporting network
  • The knowledge that you will be assisting other charities via TUAid, or be a recipient of a TUAid grant yourself

As explained elsewhere, charities using spaces are asked to make a regular donation to the TUAid charity. This donation enables TUAid to take on future spaces and make opportunities available to other charities. This donation however is only nominal and indeed may be reduced or even waived on request.

Please complete TUAid membership form below.

By contacting TUAID you agree to the terms outlined in our ‘Privacy Policy‘ and in our ‘Terms and Conditions‘.

By applying for TUAID membership you agree to the membership terms and conditions.

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