Making a Difference to Maidstone

Making a difference to MADM

Thank you for giving MADM an opportunity to express sincere gratitude for the ‘free use’ of Coronet House, Maidstone. As a 100% Voluntary & self funded Christian org. now with Charity Status – any form of assistance MADM receives is truly welcomed.

The premises have afforded MADM to grow at a rapid speed & we know throughout 2017 we will go from strength to strength. Our Charity Shop, which we opened April 2016, is extremely successful & has allowed the work of MADM to escalate, & is literally around the corner from Coronet, the location is perfect for us & also acts as an overspill Store – the donations don’t stop coming in!

The ground floor space is utilised as our Furniture, Electrical Store, where we display our items for sale to the public (& store some items to Bless) plus the use of a Shower Room & washing machine available for clients.

We are using during Jan-Mar a specified area for the daily Registration of Maidstone’s Homeless; as we partner with Maidstone Churches Winter Shelter – this is a timely blessing!

First Floor: we operate as our storing of Outreach Items; Clothing, Shoes, Sleeping Bags, Blankets, Duvets & Tents – plus for those moving into own Home & have nothing; we get them started with all forms of linen, crockery, kitchen/household items plus small furniture.

We collaborate with many housing agencies, charities, churches, social services, probation, varying related agencies centred around Homelessness, Addiction & those in Crisis; Agencies refer clients to us for help.

We have an electric organ awaiting usage for Choir with no name (Homeless/Disadvantaged)

Also on First floor; we are soon to run an Art/Craft Project, we have allocated a room & have partnership with an Art Teacher.

We also have a room allocated for repair of Bicycles & are in early stages of working with other agencies/probation to form a project of works.

We also have a locked room to store Homeless personal belongings for safety & ease on streets !

The second floor : here we see amazing scope for a use as Hostel/Shelter – we have already shown ‘various’ who work in this field & all equally share its potential – this is the start of something big for Mstone – I have received four individual words (Prophesy) that MADM is going to set up a Hostel/Shelter & due to my deep Faith I know that I know it will happen & this will be by end of 2017. Whether Coronet is ‘the one’ only GOD knows but in many ways it lends itself perfectly, all I got to do now is keep the vision alive & keep keeping on to find a way !

Many Blessings