Helen Grant MP Maidstone

Well done TUAID

My constituency, like others, has many empty buildings, awaiting redevelopment or letting, which can take several months, or even years. Seeing them put to good use for the benefit of the community is something I wholeheartedly support. In Maidstone, two charities helping the homeless have transformed the old DVLA office. As well as dozens of other good causes, volunteers and other supporters, the Mayor and I have seen this initiative first hand at the building’s official opening in Oct 2016. This was possible with the local authority’s support, in the form of an 80% reduction in the charity’s business rates costs; combined with the landlord’s offer of the space rent-free; and expertise from the TUAID’s network. Furthermore, I encourage others around the UK to make the most of the resources and assets in our communities in these transient and uncertain times.
Well done to TUAID, ASTOP, the local authority, landlord and the good causes for coming together for the benefit of the local community.