David Camm, Business in the Community

An innovative way

Dear TUA

HRH Prince Charles’ Business in the Community charity runs a Business Connector programme, where employees and secondees to BitC, like myself from HMRC, build bridges between the community and business at a grassroots level.

My colleagues and I have found TUA’s non-profit goal of temporarily using land and buildings that would otherwise remained empty an innovative way to help worthy social and charitable causes ranging from affordable housing through to cash-strapped grassroots charities. The clever range of business models also made it easier for us to engage with and encourage property agents, developers and landlords (including councils) to learn more about the sector and its work to grow its size and standards at the same time.

The team’s knowledge, network and proactive support to ensure all stakeholders benefit has received positive feedback from within BitC, local councils such as Brent in my region and other players in the property world.

I am sure the TUA’s fan base and success stories will grow rapidly.


David Camm | Business Connector Wembley | Business Connector Programme