Canary Wharf

Many small charities benefitted

“Thank you for all your help to us at Centre for Policy on Ageing. Our stay at Marsh Wall pretty well saved our life as it gave the charity much needed breathing space to stabilise. We, like masses of others, are still struggling but thanks to having premises we are very much alive & kicking!”

“Being an associate company with CASA was hugely beneficial for our company, it gave us the brilliant opportunity to create work and have an office space to work from other than home. We also met other artists thanks to the shared spaces. Lora has done an amazing job managing the associates and the space in a real professional and inspiring way and we would love to be one of her associate artists again in the future in case they find another space. A great experience artists dream of: to have free rehearsal and office space. How lucky we are!”
Etta Ermini, Artistic Director of Etta Ermini Dance Theatre

“I’m immensely grateful for the support I’ve had to have access to a no cost rehearsal space and storage has been essential for my development as an artist and has made a huge difference on the quality of the work I’ve been producing. This support has also given my work more credibility and indirectly helped in finding further partners for my projects and reaching a wider audience. I can definitely say I had good times at Marshwall all these years and I’m sad it’s all coming to an end.”
Gaël Le Cornec, CASA Associate Artist

“It’s been a great experience sharing a working space with CASA in Marsh Wall, it became a true hub where the interchange of ideas and knowledge enriched each and one of us. We’ve supported each other and that made possible a much more effective development of our projects.”
Paula Parducz, Spanish Theatre Company

“Space earlier this year was a life saver. Our previous building had become precarious and very very cold. The process of joining the ‘family’ was so smooth and friendly. It’s great to have another company who work at the similar level in a similar field to bounce ideas off and chat with over a boiling kettle in the kitchen. I have also found myself interacting with other companies on our floor regarding places to check out for touring dates and sharing contacts. I’ll be really sad when this building comes to a close in the next couple of months, and remember this as a happy time.”
Flavia Fraser-Cannon, Executive Producer at Finger in the Pie

“Being able to work in the space has been a great support for my artistic activities. I’ve been able not only to use the physical space, but also to share ideas, exchange inspirations and plan futures. I hope this collaboration continues for some time.”
Vini Carvahlo, CASA Associate Artist