ASTOP Limited Wins Property and Construction Business of the Year – West London Business Awards 2023

ASTOP Limited, partners in our Rainbow Rising initiative, has taken home the award for Property and Construction Business of the Year at the 2023 West London Business Awards.

“Clear social impact, supporting landlords and delivering true value to communities, paired with great business growth rates themselves. ASTOP have sought to remedy some of the scars that local communities developed during the pandemic. We’d like to see these collaborations happen more and more.”

Judges’ Comments

The WLB Awards is a milestone event in the region’s business calendar, the Awards recognise the outstanding achievements of organisations and individuals. The winners in each category, were announced at the awards ceremony on Friday 24th February 2023.

The WLB Awards 2023 is the largest event of the year for West London Business and a prime networking opportunity for all organisations looking to build their network.

Here’s a bit about the 2023 award winners:

ASTOP Limited exists to put a stop to wasted spaces. Specifically, vacant commercial properties.
They are a social enterprise that has managed the ethical temporary occupation of more than 400 sites since 2009.

The rise in digital retail, alongside the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic, has led to the owners of

commercial properties being greatly affected.

ASTOP creates partnerships that bring significant benefits both to the hard-pressed commercial property sector and to charities seeking a place where they can operate and promote the work they do, by putting empty commercial properties to good use. For landlords, paying business rates on an empty property represents a significant drain on a company’s resources.

However, landlords who work with ASTOP and allow their premises to be used by a charity can enjoy a net saving of at least 50 per cent, and sometimes considerably more, on those rates. Conversely, the cost of hiring premises where charities can promote their work and raise money can be a major deterrent to good causes. With the help of ASTOP, such organisations gain access to retail spaces where they can operate without having to pay rent, business rates and, in most cases, service charges and utility costs.

Most importantly, the isolation imposed by covid-induced lockdowns took a severe toll on communities across the United Kingdom. As restrictions were relaxed, people sought out places where they could come together and enjoy the benefits of a genuine local community. The revitalisation of disused commercial spaces administered by ASTOP played a vital role in this process. Throughout ASTOP’s work, the community is key.

It is an innovative, scalable solution that delivers benefits and a positive social impact to increasing numbers of commercial property owners and charities.

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