Temporary Use Aid

Vacant property and unused land represents a cost and a risk to landlords and developers and can drain the vibrancy out of our communities.

The charity sources and shares unused spaces and promotes the safe and active use of empty buildings for charities, community organisations and the benefit of the public.

Temporary Use Aid (TUAid) is a charity that assists good causes to make the most of temporarily unused land and buildings.

Temporary use of empty spaces means the integrity and security of properties are better maintained, and the overall financial burden of the space is much lower than traditional, longer-term rentals for good causes. There is often zero financial burden on the space user.

TUAid aims to ensure that vacant retail, office and warehouse properties are put to good use by locating charities and other good causes who benefit from being able to use this space.

It has the experience and expertise – and a well-earned reputation for a highly ethical approach – to be able to advise both parties authoritatively on how to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.